Retrieve Data for Individual BMPs by State

This retrieval interface allows a user to quickly view the types of BMP performance data available in the BMP Database for a particular state. This tool is an alternative interface for information that can also be accessed through the Mapping Tool. To generate summary statistics for groups of studies (e.g., all retention ponds), the Statistical Analysis Tool should be used instead of this interface.

To retrieve data, select a country, then select a state of interest. (ZZ will appear as the default for states/provinces outside of the U.S.) Additional filters can be applied sequentially based on BMP category, pollutant category, pollutant type and researcher. Results are provided as hyperlinks to summary statistics for each analyte for each individual study.

Some retrieved studies provide only outflow monitoring, which is not well suited to this on-line statistical analysis tool. If no analysis results are shown, please download the database to obtain these data sets and conduct independent analysis.

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