Project Contact: (general information)

Jane Clary, Wright Water Engineers, Inc. 

Project Managers:

Harry Zhang, Ph.D., P.E., Water Environment & Reuse Foundation
Jeff Moeller, P.E., Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

Principal Investigators:

Jonathan Jones, P.E, Wright Water Engineers, Inc. 
Eric Strecker, P.E., Geosyntec Consultants

Project Staff:

Marc Leisenring, P.E., Geosyntec Consultants
Jane Clary, Wright Water Engineers, Inc.
Paul Hobson, Geosyntec Consultants
Lucas Nguyen, Geosyntec Consultants
Dan Pankani, Geosyntec Consultants

Project Steering Committee:

Susan Jones, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) 
Marcel Tchaou, Federal Highway Administration 
Brian Parsons, P.E., Environmental and Water Resources Institute,  American Society of Civil Engineers (EWRI-ASCE)
Christopher Kloss, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water (EPA)
Nikki Guillot, American Public Works Association (APWA)

Project Sub Committee:

Michael E. Barrett, Ph.D, P.E., Center for Research in Water Resources, University of Texas 
Bob Carr, P.E., Montgomery Associates: Resource Solutions
David R. Graves, Environmental Analysis Bureau, New York State Dept. of Transportation
Gregory E. Granato, U.S. Geological Survey
Jesse Pritts, P.E., Engineering and Analysis Division, Office of Water/Office of Science & Technology, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency